Plans are underway for a new Microbrewery to open in Jackson.  If all goes well, Terry Howard, founder of Bifferhaus Brewing Company, is hoping to open in the next few months. The Pub will be located at 900 Lansing Ave. Jackson, Mi. (next to Cork 'n Cap - at the corner of Lansing Ave. and North Street).  

   The microbrewery will produce beer brewed in single barrel batches to maintain freshness and great hand crafted taste.

   Bifferhaus will concentrate on it's core business and only serve beer, giving patrons the option of either ordering food from local establishments or bringing food in with them.

    A inaugural membership in the Bifferhaus Mug Club is now being offered. The cost of these one of a kind hand crafted mugs is $45. The mugs are only produced once a year so there is a limited number of memberships available at this time.  If you are interested, please email Terry Howard at Bifferhausbrewing@gmail.com for more information. BiffermugsSmall.jpg

   Mugs will be handcrafted by Anne Beyer in Ken Shenstone's art studio in Albion, Mi. The mugs will be fired in an Anagama kiln. Ken’s kiln is one of the largest Anagama kilns in North America. It is usually only fired once per year creating thousands of pieces of artwork.  This unique kiln allows for the mugs to come into direct contact with the coal pile. Such contact leaves dramatic marks on the artwork surfaces.   Visit www.kenshenstone.com, for more information about the art studio.