Sipping & Tipping With The Carelli's -  August 2012

Enrique Carelli Sr. & Jr., the Father & Son Team From Argentina's Bodegas Carelli, along with Rick Collett of Peerless Wine Selections, visit Jack Travioli at Cork 'n Cap to discuss their great wines from Argentina on a segment of Sipping & Tipping on JTV's Food Circus. The entire episode can be seen by visiting JTV.TV


Jack & Rick on the Sipping & Tipping Segment of

JTV's Food Circus May 30th 2012


Cork 'n Cap Featured on JTV's Food Circus

Cork 'n Cap was featured on JTV's Food Circus with Adrien Sharp in December 2011.  The entire program can be viewed on JTV or streamed at JTV.TV. 

Jack Visits Bart on JTV's Bart Hawley Show 12/13/11



Jack Visits Bart on JTV's Bart Hawley Show in February 2004

This visit took place only a couple weeks after Cork 'n Cap opened at its original location on Wildwood Ave. Fun to see how every item we featured on this show has been "evolved" out of the inventory over the years. Split into 2 parts:

Cork 'n Cap's 2011 Holiday Commercial seen on WILX

"No such thing as bad publicity" so they say.

Jack was interviewed for a story involving counterfeit money recently turning up in Jackson.  We were not victims,  Every single bill and coin that comes into Cork 'n Cap is scrupulously checked for authenticity.  Really.

Here is a good reason to stick to beer & wine...

Here's Nicola Biscardo, Our Frequent CorkBoard Wine Guest,

Introducing A Refreshing New Summer Sensation

Veneziano Sprizzzissimo

Currently Available At Cork 'n Cap...

Nice Promotional Video About Our City