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Instant Gratification If You Want To Brew Right Now

Do you get the sudden impulse to brew on a sunny day but don’t have everything you need on hand? Don’t wait for an online order to be shipped to you. Delivery can be unreliable, cooked in the summer, frozen in the winter, or just plain smashed and broken all year round. Check our prices – “Free shipping” isn’t free. Cork ‘n Cap is the area’s only true “brick & mortar” homebrew and winemaking shop and is fully stocked with everything you need to make a batch of beer, whether it be by choosing from our wide variety of kits or by engineering your own all grain batch from our selection of over 30 different malted grains. Yes, we also have great pricing on Corny kegs, carboys, buckets, bottles, brewing pots and all kinds of other equipment and supplies that are in stock right now. Dust off that brewing pot and give us a call. Call ahead and we can measure, mill and assemble your all-grain or partial mash order on the same day, or even while you wait.