Wine Sixpack #139 Is Now Available

This selection of 1 white, 1 rosé, and 4 reds comes in our reusable, partitioned, eco-friendly six bottle bag that is still only $49.99.  Use your bag to receive a club discount on future purchases of six bottles or more of any of our in-stock wines. Our sixpack club has no rules and no obligations, just a good value in specially selected wine. Visit our Wine Sixpack Page for up to date details on the current selection.


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Home Brewing Wine Making

We Are Mid Michigan’s Destination for Fine Wine, Home Brewing & Wine Making Supplies

Brick & Mortar Dead? We Didn’t Get The Memo.

Are you in the Jackson Michigan area and need a place to pick up a wine to pair with that brisket that has been in the smoker all day? Have an impulse to brew a batch of pale ale this afternoon but don’t have the ingredients? For over 20 years Cork ‘n Cap has focused on instant gratification. We sell fine wine along with home brewing and wine making supplies. Whether you make your own or want to leave it to the professionals, there is no need to wait for a delivery truck, we have what you need in stock right now.


Our Latest $108 Wooden Crate Bordeaux – Now Also Available In White

Chateau La Castillonne Red, our best selling wooden crate Bordeaux of all time, has a sibling. The red has been known for its consistent quality year in and year out. It is a classic 50/50 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that has crowd-pleasing brambly fruit notes, a dryness that lends it self well to pairing with a variety of foods without over powering them, and finishes with firm but gentle tannins.

Chateau La Castillonne White, says “Sauvignon Blanc” on the label but it likely also includes a small amount of Semillon, another important grape from the Bordeaux region responsible for rounding the edges and softening the citrus notes of the predominant grape, giving the resulting wine a luscious structure and mouth-feel.

Try either wine for $10.99 a bottle or grab a wooden crate of 12 bottles for just $108, a savings of almost $2 per bottle. While drier than a typical domestic wine, Bordeaux wines are typically lighter in alcohol and much lower in residual sugar, with minimal chemical adulteration for people who care about such things.

Cork 'n Cap Info Home Brewing Wine Making Wine

20 Years Of Cork ‘n Cap

Old Cork 'n Cap Exterior
First Day Open January 26th 2004
Old Cork 'n Cap Interior
Original location on Wildwood in early 2004

Did you know you can fit a wine store into a shoe box?

Amazing what you can accomplish when you hate your job.  I was too naive and motivated to fail. I thought Jackson needed a wine and home-brewing store, so on January 26th 2004 I opened the doors of this tiny strip-mall unit on Wildwood Ave.  Thanks to many of you and your neighbors who agreed that there was a hole in this market, Cork ‘n Cap quickly outgrew it’s starter home and moved to it’s present location on Lansing Avenue in 2007.

Fresh Bread Neon
Very expensive custom neon sign

It seemed like a good idea at the time…   Now I just make my own bread.  Thanks for the starter Trish!

Pre Cork 'n Cap Exterior
Cork ‘n Cap before it was Cork ‘n Cap (May 2007)

Cork ‘n Cap is still using (a newer version of) the same “point of sale” system the business started with in 2004.  It as kept the details of nearly 140,000 receipts over these 20 years.  

Cork 'n Cap Info Home Brewing Wine Making Wine

Here Are Our Hours

Normally our hours are as follows:

Wednesday 10am-6pm
Thursday 10am-6pm
Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-2pm

I am also often open on Monday and/or Tuesday and I am usually here by 8:30am or so on weekdays. If my car is in the parking lot, the cash register can run. Call 517-784-0687 to be sure.

If the “Open” signs are lit, the doors are open.

Cork 'n Cap Info Home Brewing Wine Making

Instant Gratification If You Want To Brew Right Now

Do you get the sudden impulse to brew on a sunny day but don’t have everything you need on hand? Don’t wait for an online order to be shipped to you. Delivery can be unreliable, cooked in the summer, frozen in the winter, or just plain smashed and broken all year round. Check our prices – “Free shipping” isn’t free. Cork ‘n Cap is the area’s only true “brick & mortar” homebrew and winemaking shop and is fully stocked with everything you need to make a batch of beer, whether it be by choosing from our wide variety of kits or by engineering your own all grain batch from our selection of over 30 different malted grains. Yes, we also have great pricing on Corny kegs, carboys, buckets, bottles, brewing pots and all kinds of other equipment and supplies that are in stock right now. Dust off that brewing pot and give us a call. Call ahead and we can measure, mill and assemble your all-grain or partial mash order on the same day, or even while you wait.

Cork 'n Cap Info Home Brewing Wine Making

We’re Homebrewing AND Winemaking

Yes, you may have fine wine ingredients in your own back yard

Not only do we carry a full line of homebrewing kits and malted grains for your own recipes, we also carry everything you need to make wine; either from your own “raw materials” or from our selection of Vintner’s Best fruit bases and the industry-leading WinExpert line of 6 gallon wine kits. Check our pricing, “Free Shipping” isn’t free.