Our Latest $108 Wooden Crate Bordeaux – Now Also Available In White

Chateau La Castillonne Red, our best selling wooden crate Bordeaux of all time, has a sibling. The red has been known for its consistent quality year in and year out. It is a classic 50/50 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that has crowd-pleasing brambly fruit notes, a dryness that lends it self well to pairing with a variety of foods without over powering them, and finishes with firm but gentle tannins.

Chateau La Castillonne White, says “Sauvignon Blanc” on the label but it likely also includes a small amount of Semillon, another important grape from the Bordeaux region responsible for rounding the edges and softening the citrus notes of the predominant grape, giving the resulting wine a luscious structure and mouth-feel.

Try either wine for $10.99 a bottle or grab a wooden crate of 12 bottles for just $108, a savings of almost $2 per bottle. While drier than a typical domestic wine, Bordeaux wines are typically lighter in alcohol and much lower in residual sugar, with minimal chemical adulteration for people who care about such things.