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20 Years Of Cork ‘n Cap

Old Cork 'n Cap Exterior
First Day Open January 26th 2004
Old Cork 'n Cap Interior
Original location on Wildwood in early 2004

Did you know you can fit a wine store into a shoe box?

Amazing what you can accomplish when you hate your job.  I was too naive and motivated to fail. I thought Jackson needed a wine and home-brewing store, so on January 26th 2004 I opened the doors of this tiny strip-mall unit on Wildwood Ave.  Thanks to many of you and your neighbors who agreed that there was a hole in this market, Cork ‘n Cap quickly outgrew it’s starter home and moved to it’s present location on Lansing Avenue in 2007.

Fresh Bread Neon
Very expensive custom neon sign

It seemed like a good idea at the time…   Now I just make my own bread.  Thanks for the starter Trish!

Pre Cork 'n Cap Exterior
Cork ‘n Cap before it was Cork ‘n Cap (May 2007)

Cork ‘n Cap is still using (a newer version of) the same “point of sale” system the business started with in 2004.  It as kept the details of nearly 140,000 receipts over these 20 years.